Hannukiah made by children

Hand in Hand school

Dear Sisters and Friends,

I am forwarding to you a picture of a Hanukiah made by the children of Hand in Hand School that was sent on loan to the White House this week at their request made through the American Embassy in Tel Aviv. This coming Monday, two girls from the 9th grade will participate in the ceremony of the lighting of this Hanukkiah in the White House together with Rivka, the co-ordinator of fund raising for Hand in Hand.
You may be pleased to learn that this week the kindergarten children returned to their classrooms after the arson attack on 30th November.

Hannukiah hand in hand

If you look carefully, at the top of each candlestick there is the translation of what is written in Hebrew or Arabic.

Please, continue to pray and support efforts of peace in this country.

Happy Gaudete Sunday!